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Artisight, A Platform Solution From Sirius Healthcare's Patient Room 'Next'

Imagine a future where smart hospital platforms allow clinicians to focus on patient care and leaders to focus on productivity. Sensors passively document into EHRs while dashboards and analytics ensure that staff and leadership are acting on real-time data and diagnostics. Joining Bill live at HIMSS 2022 is Dr. Stephanie Lahr, CIO at Monument Health and Dr Andrew Gostine CEO of Artisight. The future of patient care spaces is bright with potential technology solutions to improve patient care—from life-saving treatment based on predictive analytics to patient distraction devices. Healthcare has lagged behind in the adoption of new technologies in part due to lack of buy-in from staff and a resistance to adopt anything new, as well as associated high costs and budgetary constraints. That all changed when healthcare was faced with a global health crisis. Rapid adoption of tools and technologies became necessary to continue treating patients and survive.
With that door now wide open, the industry is looking at patient room advancements in a new light. The use of vision, audio, touchless sensors, and artificial and augmented intelligence is becoming more common. And although we can’t know for certain what the future holds, we do know that we must maintain a flexible approach to defining the “patient room” and be as adaptable and agile as possible, especially as healthcare becomes increasingly consumer-focused.

Key Points:
00:00:00 - Intro
00:02:30 - Artisight provides solutions to automate the frustrating parts of providing clinical care
00:13:15- If you've got room for improvement in the OR, the hospital rooms and in the clinics then you need a platform for reducing friction in all of those areas
00:14:30 - As a CIO, you appreciate a platform because it saves you from a hundred points solutions which are going to really tax your organization from a complexity standpoint and a cost standpoint



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