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An Automation Journey: Finding Secure Tools and Best Practices for Health Systems Today

The next frontier in cybersecurity is data security. How do you keep your data secure, monitor data risk, and quickly recover your data, wherever it lives? How do you set up security automation? How can you ensure you have the right software defined architecture in place to maximize your team, maximize your assets and protect those assets as you move fast? Why are organizations looking at Rubrik: Zero Trust Data Security to protect and automate their environments and enhance their digital transformation journeys? Joining us to discuss this today is Sarah Richardson, SVP, Chief Digital & Information Officer and David Giambruno, VP of ITO at Tivity Health and Shane Allen, Platform Solution Architect at Rubrik.

Key Points:
If you don't automate it, you're just going to have to keep stacking everything
The FBI estimates cyber criminals will earn over a billion dollars in ransom
How does a native immutable file system help to expedite the recovery from a ransomware attack?
What we all fail at is keeping up with the technology that allows us to be as safe as possible at a given moment.

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