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Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation and the Fight Against Pediatric Cancer with Liz Scott

In this stirring episode, they delve into the extraordinary life and legacy of Alex Scott, who at the tender age of four, chose to combat childhood cancer with a lemonade stand. We welcome Liz Scott, her mother and Co-Executive Director of the foundation born from Alex's dream, Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation. This one-of-a-kind charity continues Alex's mission of raising funds for cancer research. Throughout our conversation with Liz, we raise pertinent questions, exploring the collective power of small acts to bring significant change. What inspired Alex to start her lemonade stand? What impact did the stand have on her family and the larger community? And how has this venture evolved to a national foundation influencing pediatric cancer research? Join us as we discover answers to these and reflect on the indelible mark left by a child's determination to make a difference.

Key Points:
- Alex's Inspiring Vision
- Fundraising for Cancer
- Altering Pediatric Research
- Captain Campaign

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