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2 Minute Drill: Unraveling the Change Healthcare Cyber Crisis: A Deep Dive

In this extended edition of the Two Minute Drill, Drex takes us through the aftermath of the Vive conference, focusing on the significant cyber attack on Change Healthcare and its ripple effects across the healthcare industry. He discusses the downfall of the LockBit King, the resurgence of the Black Cat ransomware group, and how these events culminate in unprecedented disruptions in healthcare services nationwide. This episode not only sheds light on the intricacies of ransomware as a service but also on the sophisticated, organized nature of modern cybercrime syndicates. Drex emphasizes the urgent need for a robust cyber posture, touching on aspects such as priority patching, executive support, and the criticality of knowing where personal health information is stored. Prepare for a weekend special that promises further insights into improving healthcare cybersecurity, making it clear that the fight against cyber threats is a collective endeavor.

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