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January 24, 2020: Today we continue our debriefing of this year’s J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the annual symposium that brings together industry leaders and members of the investment community. In the last episode, we covered the types of organizations that presented as well as some of the key themes that came up in the last two iterations of the event. Today we zoom in on the 2020 proceedings, taking a deeper look at what each of the presenters brought to the table. Some of the key themes that came up this year were customer data use, customer experience, asset-light solutions, expense management, diversified revenue, and applied genetics. Most of the developments were positive, with strong examples of how to handle mergers and upgrade UI technology given by Bons Secours Mercy and Ascension respectively. As far as technology goes we also get an idea of where AI precision medicine is at from Geisinger. Additionally, we saw some great new innovations with institutions like Aurora and NYU Langone implementing self-diagnostic structures such as a living well metric and a capacity command center. It is becoming clear that there are many things that need to start being done differently in the industry, so it was heartening to see health systems beginning to take heed of this at the event.

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