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January 31: Today on TownHall, Bill talks about the decision to consolidate channels and move the TownHall show to the Conference channel.

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welcome to this week, health Community. My name is Bill Russell. I'm a former CIO for a 16 hospital system. And creator of this week health, A set of channels dedicated to keeping health IT staff current and engaged. This is a special public service announcement on this show.

Last year we launched four,, four channels, not four shows, four channels. We had community academy. Newsroom and conference. Conference is our longest running show. We've been doing it now for five years. Newsroom is about two and a half, three years old, and we've been doing that for a while as well.

The two new channels, the feedback we got from you was too many channels, too hard to find your content. We don't know where you're gonna put it and that kind of stuff. We are consolidating. Because we listen to you and we love the feedback that you've given us. Makes sense to us as well. Make it easier to find the content.

is on those channels. So for:

So if you love Town Hall, we're still producing town hall. We still have great hosts who are interviewing their peers in the industry on the front lines, getting great content far and away. One of my favorite shows, including my own one of my favorite shows that I listen to regularly. We're gonna take that content, the Town Hall show, and we're gonna move it onto our conference channel.

That's the purple one. So this week health conference is what you would look for online, you subscribe to that. You'll get not only the town hall shows Tuesday and Thursday. But on Friday you are going to get the keynote episode that we do. We do 52 of those keynote episodes.

Those are 45 minute conversations with people who are making an impact in healthcare with technology. So you'll have town hall and Keynote on there, and then we're gonna take the interviews in action. These are the interviews, the 10 to 15 minute interviews we do at the conferences, and we're gonna put that over on the news.

So, you can subscribe there. When we go to a conference. We tend to drop those every day of the week, and we will do that on the news channel. When you aren't listening to those interviews in action, you can listen to our Today Show. That's me talking about a news story. For about 10 minutes or so, depends on the news story.

Some I go a little longer, 10, 12 minutes, some, a little shorter depending on what the topic is. So I do that four days a week when we don't have interviews in action. And every Monday we do a Newsday show where I have somebody from the industry on. And we talk about the new stories and we go back and forth.

Sometimes we have more than one person on, and those get to be pretty fun and pretty dynamic. So again, we appreciate you being a part of us launching this new channel. We have heard that we have too many channels. We are bringing it back to two channels. Same content is just moving to those new channels.

Town Hall is going to this week, health conference This week Health Newsroom is going to pick up the interviews in action. We'd love for you to subscribe to both of those and just stay current on those two channels. Again, thank you for being a part of this. We really appreciate your continued support of this week Health as we try to invest in the next generation of health leaders.

Thanks for listening. That's all for now.

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