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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Eli Tarlow the Director of Healthcare at Sirius. The topic of discussion was The Customer Experience. And Bill asks Eli how do we create tools that really think through how patients want to receive care?


The Customer Experience with Eli Tarlow of Sirius Healthcare


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Bill Russell: [:back to a conversation host [:and all the other stuff. And [:

So how do we get to the tools that really think through how we want to receive care really from the patient perspective, right. I need a, I need a ride to somewhere. I need someone to bring me my drugs. I need someone to monitor me for falls, not only in the hospital room, but in my home. I need somebody to check my temp.

I mean, [:ir existing tool set. So you [:This has been going on for a [:

it could be anything even loyalty program. It doesn't have to even be, patient experience doesn't necessarily have to be, you know, a way to see their vitals. It could be like, you know, Modeling after the gaming industry on loyalty. It could be modeling, you know, you mentioned now there's sending cars, you know, taking Uber or whatever, to send cars, to lower patient cancellations and improve access.

e do with the tools we have? [:

That's not building on an EHR. And that's obviously patient experience. So I think what we're seeing now is that ideas are coming from everywhere and it is a little bit of a tsunami. And hospitals are going to be challenged with saying, okay, what makes sense? What can we adopt? What do we have to push off?

What are we going to wait to see others, how they do with it? And that's going to be the challenge. I think it's going to be to just going from so little to so much.

ntent and materials that you [:

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