Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Amy Maneker the Physician Executive Advisor - Arch Collaborative at KLAS. The topic of discussion was The Arch Collaborative, User Satisfaction and Optimizing the EHR. And Bill asks Amy what have we learned about working together to revolutionize and improve the EHR experience?


The Arch Collaborative, User Satisfaction and Optimizing the EHR with Amy Maneker


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Bill Russell: [:We go back to a conversation [:vis on the show, and several [:eys to satisfaction. That was:e data. So there've been the [:tory requirements put on the [:action and may or may not be [:

What I like about it is it's a survey tool and it basically says, hey, does your EHR allow you to provide quality care? And if so, why or why not? What are the components? And the three components despite more data than two years ago, much more data still hold true training / education, personalization and what I call shared ownership.

t terms for it. I think it's [:there's many more ways to do [:

And that can be vary between organizations and it can even vary within an organization. So the orthopods may have a physician who's involved in a certain way, and the primary care providers may have a different. In fact, one of my compatriots says we don't use the title, physician builder. Call it EMR director. One of the tools they can use as being a builder.

nd that clinicians generally [:it's actually there. But the [:ion. So you can say, I want, [:rward, please send us a note [:

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