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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Charles Boicey, the Chief Innovation Officer at Clearsense. The topic of discussion was Overseas Resources & Cloud Strategy. And Bill asks Charles, what are some of the considerations for outsourcing overseas? And what exactly is a cloud strategy?


Overseas Resources & Cloud Strategy with Charles Boicey


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Bill Russell: Let's talk a little bit about overseas. And working with overseas resources. So, you know, you have some experience there. I have some experience there.

hen health systems outsource [:

Charles Boicey: Sure. So you have to have, you know some representation in the States. You have to, you know, really understand, you know, what that workforce looks like, you know, what were the universities that workforce came out of which is essential. And lets, you know, you can outsource the Ukraine. You can outsource to, you know, Spain, Dominican Republic. My outsourcing, you know, country of choice as you know, is, India. And it's not, as most people think because of a cost perspective and there absolutely is cost savings.

It's the [:

I know those universities, I recruit from those universities. And as a result, I have the best of the, of the best from an architectural perspective, all the way down to, you know, hands on coding.

re actually recruiting these [:t four. I've had a team since:e done an India development. [:by [:to that, you know, bringing [:

Bill Russell: Yeah, I want to be clear. We're not recommending that organizations do this, although we have both done it. What is a cloud strategy?

's not a choice. And what I, [:now from an API perspective, [:know, evolve as time evolves,[:

No. There's interconnectivity between all those cloud vendors and I've used them and they're fast. So we are in a cloud environment. and you're to best utilize it.

Bill Russell: And from a CIO perspective, what I would say a cloud strategy is, it is you getting the most agility and efficiency for your organization providing the most capabilities to your organization.

you have feedback regarding [:

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