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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Sherri Douville, CEO, Board Member and Author. The topic of discussion was Mentoring Female CEOs. And Bill asks Sherri how can women prepare themselves for the top role in a company?


Mentoring Female CEOs with Sherri Douville CEO, Board Member and Author


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And we can talk about him a lot. His name is Wim Rolance. A great leader. He's got 34 CEOs in Silicon Valley that he's mentored. And so, has seen a lot of movies, mentored a lot of people. And the thing about innovation is that innovation does not discriminate.

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Bill Russell: Yeah. I mean, innovation doesn't discriminate is, is such a, one of the phrases I've been saying an awful lot to people is write your own story. Don't let anyone else write your story for you. I mean they're going to have input.

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Alright. Well so we're talking about a woman who is not a CEO yet. Let's talk about a woman who's getting ready for their first CEO role. So they've had a successful career. They've been identified as somebody who can run a company and somebody saying, all right, it's your turn to step into the role. What do you wish somebody had whispered in your year as you were getting ready to take that role?

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And we see it all the time on social media and videos and everything. And so the one thing that really took me by surprise, was really hard. and that made me a better person, was just dealing with the bullies that came out and just be prepared for that. And I actually wrote a resource for that that I'll direct you to you because it went viral.

The Toxic Jerk Meeting Guide [:ks for listening. That's all [:

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