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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Tressa Springmann, the SVP and CIO at LifeBridge Health. The topic of discussion was Maintaining Culture in a Virtual World. And Bill asks Tressa, how do you maintain culture and productivity in a remote work environment?


Maintaining Culture in a Virtual World with Tressa Springmann


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Bill Russell: [:back to a conversation host [:

Bill Russell: How do you maintain culture and productivity and just all the things that we have when we're together in a remote work environment?

he tools. We had implemented [:or still pick up the phone. [:th. And I didn't use them as [:ime. Those just don't happen [:whole world's already rocked.[:

Now you're rocked to the core and your own confidence. A lot of our reassurance comes from physical presence and that was just absent. So time with Tressa. Again, this wasn't my leadership team, but anyone in my division who I do know, golly, what's going on. And you know, I heard this about PPE and there's nowhere to park anymore.

ere I try my best to provide [:those areas and we can save [:

We have weekly division huddles. I have leadership, checkpoints now virtually three times a week. I have the virtual office hours and I'm ever amazed that every one of these opportunities is used. People take advantage of it.

ials that you just heard and [:

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