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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with James Stallcup, the CMIO for Cherokee Nation. The topic of discussion was MacGyvering Telehealth. And Bill asks James, what did it take to scale up so quickly around telehealth?


6. MacGyvering Telehealth with James Stallcup, MD


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Bill Russell: [:back to a conversation host [:

Bill Russell: It's interesting. Cause we had a lot of conversations you know, we talk about MacGyvering telehealth and it was the, you know, the first time that healthcare really had to scale up that quickly around telehealth.

re doing, but that was like, [:d. We did have good provider [:IT team and I said, listen, [:

And everybody thought I was crazy. And I said, look, if you have a source of radiation, what do you do? The first thing you do is you avoid it. Right. You try not to have it around, but if you do have it around, you use protective equipment and you try to distance yourself from it. So how can we distance ourselves?

nt come into your clinic and [:

And now they're more distant from the patient. They're not within six feet right. After the nurse does the intake then the provider can join the call. And now the provider can deliver the patient care, the office visit to the patient while they're on site. And then if the patient's off site, you have a separate sort of procedure, but it all results in the same thing.

're keeping people separate. [:spital, and all of them have [:o refresh or you could join. [:rward, please send us a note [:

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