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Today on Insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Darren Dworkin the previous CIO for Cedars-Sinai. The topic of discussion was How did Cedars Sinai Create New Avenues for Care During the Pandemic. And Bill asks Darren how are they reducing touch points, minimizing unnecessary contact and creating new avenues for care to be received.


How did Cedars Sinai Create New Avenues for Care During the Pandemic


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Bill Russell: [:We go back to a conversation [:imizing unnecessary contact, [:rted to think of as the next [:planning for doctor visits. [:

So I'll give you a couple of quick examples. It's been very clear to us that telehealth measured against follow-up visits in surgical care is something completely different than on-demand video visits as perhaps a substitute to go in to see your primary care physician or urgent care. They're really at opposite ends of the spectrum.

forms that we've stood up to [:t we've had of, well, it was [:n of the patient? Where's it [:t the peak and not at the low[:

We rolled out some technology support so that you could wait in your car and we would notify you and you can fill out some forms on your phone and wonderful stuff. And then we realized that, Hey, some of the parking lots and some of the ambulatory offices don't have cell coverage, that's not going to work.

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