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Today on insights. We go back to a conversation Host Bill Russell had with Andrew Cooper the Executive Director of IT at NCH Healthcare. The topic of discussion was Making the EHR Transition. And Bill asks Andrew, what was the deciding factor to go to Epic?


EHR Transition: When is it the Right Time? With Andrew Cooper of NCH Healthcare


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Bill Russell: [:back to a conversation host [:

Bill Russell: What was the primary driver to go to Epic? I mean, what was the deciding factor?

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And so we would do a lot of custom build. And so we really wanted to take a step back and say, how do we kind of set ourselves up for better success long-term. And we did the side by side between basically a complete new install of Cerner or converting to Epic and really as we got into it, looked at it you know converting to Epic for us was the right decision.

ted revenue cycle. Today our [:

So really, as we looked into it there were so many things that, that really pointed to doing the conversion was the right thing for us.

Bill Russell: Yeah. Are you going to be doing things outside of this project or is this pretty all encompassing?

Andrew Cooper: So this [:ges, we have to do that. But [:

Bill Russell: This is Bill Russell hitting you up for some free information. So what are you gonna do for me the consumer? I assume you're gonna use Epic's tools. I'm going to be seeing MyChart. Are there any other things you're thinking in terms of the digital landscape for consumers in the market?

ician and they handed me the [:

And then phase two will be kind of the optimization pulling in some of that other cool technology.

of it is based on that Epic [:in the process of converting [:

Bill Russell: That's interesting, I didn't ask which EHR, if they were on but it just felt like it was pretty smooth. I was kind of surprised.

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