This Week Health 5 Years

December 22, 2021: Welcome to one of our End of Year Shows where you get to meet the team behind This Week in Health IT. Bill, Tess, Tracey and Holly take you on a journey through their favorite clips of 2021. Where does the EHR market go from here? How can health systems continue the 2020 momentum of innovation? How can you avoid tech debt? What could happen in Health IT if we Learned from COVID-19? How do you adjust your management style and expectations with the future of remote work? And what does the growing role of digital marketing entail?

Key Points:

00:00:00 - Intro

00:09:00 - Glen Tullman of Transcarent

00:17:00 - CIO Sarah Richardson

00:27:45 - CIO Zafar Chaudry

00:31:30 - Kristin Myers of Mount Sinai

00:40:00 - Craig Richardville of SCL Health

00:44:10 - Angelique Russell, Data Scientist

00:48:00 - Paula Edwards, Data Scientist 

00:49:00 - Epidemiologist John Brownstein

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